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domingo, 5 de dezembro de 2010

Princess Mee

  Little Princess Mee
  Lovely was she
As in elven-song is told:
  She had pearls in hair
  All threaded fair;
Of gossamer shot with gold
  Was her kerchief made,
  And a silver braid
Of stars above her throat.
  Of moth-web light
  All moonlit-white
She wore a woven coat,
  And round her kirtle
  Was bound a girdle
Sewn with diamond dew.

  She walked by day
  Under mantle grey
And hood of clouded blue;
  But she went by night
  All glittering bright
Under the starlit sky,
  And her slippers frail
  Of fishes' mail
Flashed as she went by
  To her dancing-pool,
  And on mirror cool
Of windless water played.
  As a mist of light
  In whirling flight
A glint like glass she made
  Wherever her feet
  Of silver fleet
Flicked the dancing-floor.

  She looked on high
  To the roofless sky
And she looked to the shadowy shore;
  Then round she went,
  And her eyes she bent
And saw beneath her go
  A Princess Shee
  As fair as Mee:
They were dancing toe to toe!

  Shee was as light
  As Mee, and as bright;
But Shee was, strange to tell,
  Hanging down
  With starry crown
Into a bottomless well!
  Her gleaming eyes
  In great surprise
Looked upon to the eyes of Mee:
  A marvellous thing,
  Head-down to swing
Above a starry sea!

  Only their feet
  Could ever meet;
For where the ways might lie
  To find a land
  Where they do not stand
But hang down in the sky
  No one could tell
  Nor learn in spell
In all the elven-lore.

  So still on her own
  An elf alone
Dancing as before
  With pearls in hair
  And kirtle fair
  And slippers frail
  Of fishes' mail went Mee:
  Of fishes' mail
  And slippers frail
  And kirtle fair
With pearls in hair went Shee!

[Poesia publicada em "As Aventuras de Tom Bombadil"]

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